October 17th 2016 - October 18th 2016


Socitm Annual Conference 2016 featured presentations on different areas around digital transformation. Please use the links below to flick through the presentations from the conference speakers:

Socitm Annual 2016 Photos:

Photographs from this year’s conference can be found here.

Socitm Annual 2016 Presentations:

Breakout Sessions:

Session A - Reducing your IT risk through Software Asset Management, Process Automation and Mobile Management (Sponsored by Snow Software)

Session C - Enabling a New Approach: Innovations in Public Sector through Self-Service & Automation (Sponsored by EACS)

Session D - Empowering the Public Sector to deliver innovative and transformative digital citizen services (Sponsored by Microsoft)

Session H - You too can embrace the Cloud! (Sponsored by Oracle)

Session I - Managing Cultural Change Going to UC with Aylesbury Vale District Council (Sponsored by 8x8)

Session J - Enabling digital transformation in the public sector (Sponsored by Iomart)

Session K - Citizen Engagement in 2020 (Sponsored by Squiz)

Session L - IoT “The Art of the Possible” (Sponsored by Dell)